Plastic Part Production

Unmatched possibilities. Rosti Poland, as your reliable partner in innovation, is using state-of-the-art technology in injection and blow moulding to produce highly esthetical consumer products and technical parts. This enables full flexibility in design, finishing and functionality. We passionately develop and apply new techniques to turn your product ideas into reality. Examples of recently introduced techniques are the Rosti Poland Rotary Blow Moulding process, multi-K injection moulding and in mould labelling. These innovative processes allow us to produce a wide range of high quality complex parts. In short: plastic solutions made for you.

Rosti Poland's professional approach allowed quick changes for our product. The company's commitment, their professional team and good communication resulted in smooth processes keeping stringent schedules. Thanks to Rosti Poland for this excellent and effective cooperation."

Pawel Grabani
Process Engineer/Interior, Kongsberg Automotive