Power Tools

In the professional construction market, a successful project depends on the quality of your tools. Professional tools have to work reliably under all conditions whether the environment is dusty, cold or wet. Professional users prefer a durable, safe product which is easy to handle and does the job with reliable accuracy. In this tough environment, Makita is the global leader.

Makita Drill Housings

The Client
Makita, with nearly 90 years of experience, applies the latest innovations to engineering and manufacturing to produce the best power tools in the world. Makita Power tools are more powerful, light, compact and efficient than any other power tool. As a client of Rosti Poland, the Japanese manufacturer expects high performance in realising project milestones and delivering the highest quality parts and components within budget.

The Challenge
With its new product design ready, Makita Corporation was looking for a trustworthy partner in Europe with a focused, proven quality approach to the production of motor housings for their power tools. Complex moulds had to be (re-)developed and manufactured meeting high industrial standards within a tight budget. The ultimate challenge was to deliver the first production batch of 2,000 housings to the Makita assembly plant within a tight deadline.

The Rosti Poland Approach
Based on Makita’s existing documentation and instruction, the Rosti Poland co-development team actively participated in the (re-)design of the tools. The final result of the joint approach were tools which enabled Rosti Poland to start up production in time and deliver the first zero-mistake batch to Makita ahead of schedule. Makita highly appreciated Rosti Poland 's team work, open communication and problem-solving skills. The successful completion of this project resulted in a wave of new Makita projects for Rosti Poland.

The Benefits

  • Dramatic improvement for Makita in terms of a project’s time-to-market
  • Predictable and on-time product launch within budget
  • Excellent communication – open, clear and effective
  • Best-in-class project management
  • Meeting Makita’s high quality standards
  • The joint-team’s solution oriented attitude

Since 2001 Makita has benefited from Rosti Bianor's European know-how and capabilities. Rosti Bianor is currently Makita’s leading supplier of plastic housings and parts in Europe. The relationship is an excellent match of two quality oriented market leaders!