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Rosti to produce respiratory device

The Finnish start-up Hapella, founded on passion to assist persons with respiratory disorders, designed an innovative device. The internationally patented device is able to improve breathing for any person, in particular in persons with chronic lung diseases, such as asthma. Rosti Poland was selected to manufacture this device in Poland.

WellO2 assists our lungs in innovative way by opening respiratory tracts. This breathing exercise device combines inhaling warm steam and exhaling against pressure, which helps exercising lung muscles. WellO2 is recommended for persons with chronic and persistent breathing disorders, but also for persons with snoring problem, elderly persons, active persons or persons using voice professionally, like teachers or actors. Rosti Poland was selected as the main supplier and manufacturer of the device, and the first device was produced last October.

Project WellO2 was initiated formally in February 2016, and Rosti provided support to the customer with their expertise and experience, both during project implementation and before its allocation, by means of

  • optimizing designs of plastic details in order to obtain the best possible functional and visual effects;
  • supervising design and execution of 18 injection molding tools
  • supervising design and execution of 4 tools or BOP components
  • optimizing product design in order to obtain maximum functionality and reliability
  • seeking and recommending the best / the most reliable suppliers of BOP components and plastics / dyes
  • designing and producing the assembly line for WellO2 device in order to optimize the assembly process
  • designing and producing (outsourcing the production) of functional testers fitted with automatic logging of results
  • creating and managing the supply chain for over 60 components


"For Rosti, Project WellO2 Project was a serious challenge, due to the vast scope and ambitious timeframe of implementation. Transparent collaboration with the customer, two-way feedback and professionalism of both Parties enabled industrialization of the design. There were a few smaller or bigger issues during implementation, but thanks to involvement, knowledge and professionalism the team at Rosti was able to eliminate them without affecting the date of implementation. Starting from the week 1642 (October) we have been manufacturing at Rosti wellbeing equipment improving the respiratory efficiency in persons with health problems (e.g. asthma, COPD), and in healthy and active persons doing sports. Both the customer and the design team believe that the product shall be a market hit, and improve the quality of life of many persons”.

Rafał Borysiewicz

Project Leader

Presently the device is only available in Nordic countries market, however this year the availability shall be gradually extended to Europe. For more information see

In order to receive more information about the project please contact Jacek Lubowicki,


Rosti to produce a class 2A medical device

The BRASTER medical device allows women to examine their breasts at home and detect possibly cancerous changes as early as possible, thanks to which the women who use the BRASTER device are able to detect the disease at an early stage and start their treatment. Since the very beginning, ROSTI supported BRASTER with their technological experience and production expertise. The cooperation resulted in ROSTI manufacturing the first devices, which are already available on the market.

The device employs contact thermography based on innovative liquid crystal matrices, a technology developed by the BRASTER scientists. Liquid crystal matrices allow for reading differences in temperatures of women’s breasts. The company also created a special computer program, based on artificial intelligence algorithms, which analyses these differences and based on them determines the presence or absence of breast cancer. This innovative diagnostic method allows women to detect breast cancer at a very early stage, when the chances for full recovery are close to 100%.

ROSTI participated in the project since the beginning of this year and supported BRASTER with the knowledge and expertise, among others by:

  • proposing the best plastics for manufacturing the products, including polypropylene with soft touch surface,
  • implementing advanced injection moulding technologies, such as double injection moulding with automatic rotation in the mould as well as with transferring the moulded parts using a robot,
  •  supervision over the design and development of 23 injection moulding tools,
  • installation of a state-of-the-art assembly line with a full tracking system, based on a SQL database with records updated using RFID sensors,
  • managing a broad and complex supply chain, encompassing over 40 components.


For Rosti, the Braster project was a great challenge because of the broad scope of activities it encompassed. The collaboration with our client was very dynamic and intensive, and at the same time very fruitful. Every day brought new ideas and tasks which we always managed to fulfill in 100 percent. Because of that, starting on the 10th of October we have been manufacturing a class 2A medical device at our plant. Breast cancer is a disease which may affect everyone – directly or indirectly. This is why we are proud to be able to participate in such an important project”,
said Anna Osakowicz-Wojtacha, ROSTI Project Leader.

The collaboration between BRASTER, ROSTI and the design company was very fruitful. The tasks, which would take years if the project was undertaken by any other team were completed in just ten and a half month, making it one of the fastest implementations in the history. In that brief period of time, Braster was designed and manufactured, and it can now be purchased at or in selected pharmacies.

Merger of Rosti Bianor with Rosti Polska

Publication date: 18.02.2016