With our passion to think outside the box, we paved the way for Philips‘ exceptional LivingColors luminaries. We developed the innovative Rosti Poland Rotary Blow Molding technology. It allows for the production of a thick-walled, concave body for the LED - lamps. For the first time, a plastic, glass-like, thick-walled transparent housing was made in a mass production environment. Many considered the concave body quality exceeding the standard of glass. Key to success is the controlled blowing of partially hardened plastic while in the mould. This new technology enables us to manufacture highly esthetical parts of any color and/or degree of transparency.

Living-Colors was Philips flagship product range in 2008 in which Philips demonstrated the world that LED lighting is not cold and functional but can bring joy and contribute to one’s well being and lifestyle.

Thanks to the successful contribution, Rosti Poland was chosen in 2012 to become the key supplier for the next generation of LivingColors luminaries systems.