Domestic Appliances

Rosti Poland has its roots in the domestic appliances sector. In 1997 we started our operations with the production of plastic parts for a Philips vacuum cleaner followed, soon by coffee machines. Aesthetics and functionality go hand-in-hand in this sector. Having specialized in fulfilling these high requirements, Rosti Poland has become a leader for producing high quality parts and appliances. We are known for our outstanding capabilities in premium finishings – glossy, painted, galvanised, pad printed or engraved. We produce a wide range of domestic products such as kitchen appliances, coffee machines, floor care apparatus, waste segregation systems and consumer lighting products. This is why global brands like Philips, BSH Bosch-Siemens Hausgeräte, Zelmer, Brita and Vorwerk trust us.

Philips Senseo Coffee Machines

The Client
Philips Consumer Lifestyle is focused on improving our lives with continuous innovation. As a world leader in lifestyle products, Philips integrates technologies and design into people-centric solutions, based on fundamental customer insights and the brand promise of “sense and simplicity”.

The Challenge
Philips Consumer Lifestyle asked Rosti Bianor to develop 32 plastic injection moulds for a new Senseo coffee machine. There was an extremely short time period leading up to the market launch and Philips required an optimized design of the moulds to save costs and allow for a simple assembly process. A timely launch of the product was essential to Philips and required an early release of the mass production lines inside Rosti Bianor.

The Rosti Bianor Approach
Rosti Bianor proposed early supplier involvement and established a joint project team. A detailed plan was made for the development and production of 32 moulds, arranging supplies for non-plastic components, setting up production and assembly lines and organizing the supply chain. Our engineers managed to timely deliver high quality tools in close cooperation with our toolmakers. Rosti Bianor’s production and process engineers started to design the production processes and proposed a solution for pre-assembling a number of components. Rosti Bianor invested in additional machinery and trained its staff extensively prior to the ramp-up of the mass production.

The Benefits
Thanks to our approach Philips was able to successfully launch its product on the market in time. The client was guaranteed:

  • Short time-to-market
  • Predictability: project delivered on time and within budget
  • Effective communication between all parties involved
  • A new high quality and aesthetic Senseo coffee maker at a competitive price

Based on the success of this project, in 2012 Philips invited Rosti Bianor to participate in the development of a new and innovative coffee maker.

Zelmer Food Dryer

The client
Zelmer is a market leader in the sector of small domestic appliances in Central and Eastern Europe. The Zelmer Group is based in Poland. The Group is growing rapidly in terms of market share and is systematically expanding its product portfolio.

The Challenge
Zelmer asked Rosti Bianor to quickly develop a new food dryer. As an OEM supplier, Rosti Bianor had to compete with Asian companies.

The Rosti Bianor Approach
Our development team provided a comprehensive solution from concept design to market delivery. Thanks to Rosti Bianor’s mould engineers, all high quality moulds were made on time and within budget. Rosti Bianor’s supply chain management team set up a reliable sourcing chain of non-plastic parts. The production and assembly team managed to deliver the first fully tested appliances to the market ahead of schedule.

The Benefits
The Rosti Bianor project team ensured in close cooperation with the client a well planned and timely launch of a top food dryer on the market. The food dryer added another successful chapter to the co-operation between Rosti Bianor and Zelmer.