Baby Products

There is nothing more important than a child’s safety and comfort. This is reflected weather parents are choosing a baby bottle, stroller or any other product for their children. For Rosti Poland, developing products for children means carefully choosing the materials, a safe design and zero-fault manufacturing. As a trusted partner we are responsible for the supply of the product to the markets. When choosing a car seat or stroller supplier, reliability, transparency and zero-fault manufacturing needs to be 100 per cent so that a safe product can be always guaranteed.

Baby Seat

The Client
Graco is a market leader in baby products. Newell Rubbermaid, Graco‘s mother company, is a US-based global marketer of consumer and commercial products that touch millions of people every day where they work, live and play. Following a strategic review, Newell Rubbermaid decided to put more emphasis on regions in terms of development and sourcing.

The Challenge: The safest Baby/Child Seat
Following an extensive search for a European partner, Graco chose Rosti Bianor because of our cultural match and capabilities. The challenge for Rosti Bianor was to build the safest seat (Belogic) on the European market. The seat had to comply with the toughest Scandinavian product safety standards and highest industry standards. Rosti Bianor was involved from the early project phases of the development of the seat. The involvement of Rosti Bianor was not limited to the plastic parts but included the development and supply of a metal support frame needed for reverse seating according to Scandinavian safety-regulation. Acting as an OEM, Rosti Bianor developed and managed the sourcing chain, produced the plastics, assembled the seat and distributed the final product to the markets. This was the first time Graco put its trust in a third-party OEM supplier in Europe. Graco’s aim was to establish a sourcing chain which could compete with Asia in terms of integral costing, flexibility, risk profile and - above all - quality.

The Rosti Bianor Approach
Rosti Bianor was able to propose a complete solution. We sourced non-plastics, manufactured the plastic parts, assembled and tested the product and delivered the ready-to-sell child seat to the end-markets. A lean and responsive supply chain was set up. The whole production process enabled Rosti Bianor to comply with US standards on safety and to guarantee 100 per cent precision. Rosti Bianor sent a team to the US to obtain training and to acquaint the team members with the culture and standards at Graco. After an extensive testing program, the seat was released for production and in 2010, the first seats were shipped to the markets.

The Benefits

  • Smooth communication, a co-operation model built on mutual trust: excellent cultural match
  • A partnership approach to tackle the challenge
  • An effective, alternative supply chain which successfully competes with Asian suppliers

Following the success of this project, Rosti Bianor was engaged in the production of another child seat for the European market, as well as manufacturing plastic parts for Teutonia child strollers.