Proximity, stability, promising business and development opportunities and a high level of education make Poland and Romania one of Europe’s most attractive business locations. Our corporate philosophy is to provide a maximum in cost efficiency and competitiveness within the European market. With the existing competence center in Bialystok and the new production site in Ploiesti, Romania, we constitute a strong North-South alliance in Central and Eastern Europe. Both production sites provide an excellent strategic location for shipments to the key regions of Eastern, Central and Western Europe. For our clients this means short leadtimes, flexibility and less risk in supply chains. The recent investments demonstrate our confidence in the future. Both factories match highest global standards.

More and more companies are discovering Rosti Poland. Upon analysing their total integral costs, companies realize that Rosti Poland is an ideal sourcing alternative to companies located in Western Europe and in many cases superior to Asian companies. In addition to our abilities and our cost competitiveness, clients choose Rosti Poland for its safe and reliable social and political environment. The flexible and low-risk supply chain for the European markets is also a key criterion for many customers. Rosti Poland is on track to become a leading supplier for Europe.

We are delighted with the acquisition of Bianor. This will strengthen our capabilities, enhance customer base and geographic positioning. Together with our global approach of 'Rosti way' this is giving us the opportunitiy to support more customers within our global footprint."

Rafael Cybulski
Managing Director
Rosti Poland Sp. z o.o.