• 1944

    Many years ago, in 1944, two ambitious, young Danish business men, Rolf Fahrenholtz and Stig Jörgensen, founded Rosti. The combination RO(lf)STI(g) proved to be viable.

    After finishing their studies at the "Kobmandsskolen" in Copenhagen, Rolf and Stig shared offices and devoted their time to wholesale business and semi-manufacture within hardware trade.

    At one time it began clear to them that there was a market for an office lamp, but unfortunately it was impossible to procure sockets. Consequently, the only solution was to manufacture them themselves.

    Thus they mounted a press, procured some bakelite powder and managed in this way to get the lacking sockets.

    On the 20th of November 1944 Rosti was born. The production began on a small scale, and the firm had seven employees. On and after that day everything followed in rapid succession, nd in practically no time the production included as different products as window scrapers, shoe lasts, mouthpieces for pipes, and buttons.

  • 1946

    In 1946 it was evident that buttons could be manufactured at lower costs by means of injection moulding instead of press moulding. Consequently, an injection press - the second in Denmark - was purchased, and the manufactrue of buttons from polystyrene began.

  • 1971

    In 1971, Rosti was acquired by the A.P. Moller – Maersk Group. 

  • 2010

    In 2010, Rosti's industrial division with activities in Europe and Asia were acquired by Nordstjernan. Over the years Rosti has grown through mergers and acquisitions and now we have a joint knowledge and experience that origin from the different companies that form the Group today.